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"I believe in science. I believe in evolution. I don’t believe a billion Indians are going to hell. I don’t think we get cancer to learn life lessons, and I don’t believe that people die young because God needs another angel. I think it’s just bullshit, and on some level, I think we all know that, I mean, don’t you?… Look I understand that religion makes it easier to deal with all of the random shitty things that happen to us. And I wish I could get on that ride, I’m sure I would be happier. But I can’t . Feeling aren’t enough. I need it to be real"

Piper Chapman 
Anonymous Asked: I wish I could have fucked your little pussy when you were 13, when all those other boys were fucking you and making you feel loved.

you’re a vile worthless human being 

"Please remember that you were beautiful before he said you were."

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Soft stomach, soft thighs. 

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